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Mango & Greisa: chocolate litter at the end of February 2017

Greisa & Mango

Greisa & Mango

vasara 2016

Winter green and white

Mango health results

Health results / Veselības pārbaude

Displāzijas tests HD/ED AA/10
Acis                        tīras (06.2015)

Displasia test      HD/ED AA/10
Eyes                       clear (06.2015)

Expert Eeva Rautala (FIN) – Retriever specialty show 12 September 2015, Riga. Open class, Excellent, 2nd place.
“Very strongly made. Slightly low on the legs to his lenght of the body. Very masculine head with kind expression, bit heavy in ears. Good neck. Excellent ribcage, forechest. Strong bone of legs. Excellent coat, good movement and temperament.”



novembris 2015

Still happy